The Bandstand


Built in 1891, the bandstand first stood at Gatwick Racecourse. In 1948, the bandstand was sold to Crawley Development Corporation for £60.

In 1958 it was salvaged, refurbished and re-erected in Queens Square as part of the construction of the new town centre. The bandstand was originally located in the centre of the square and was moved again during the 1990s to the eastern side of the square, outside the Queensway Stores building.

Relocating to Memorial Gardens

In 2015, the decision was taken to move the bandstand to a more appropriate location in the town centre. The bandstand was underused in Queens Square and by relocating it to Memorial Gardens, it is expected to attract greater community use.

A planning application for the move was granted in July 2015 and this can be viewed here.

In 2016, the bandstand was taken away and refurbished.

In early 2018, the groundworks commenced in Memorial Gardens, ready for the bandstand to be moved to its new home. Photographs of the restoration work behind the scenes can be found here

The bandstand was officially reopened on 16 June 2018, with a performance by the Crawley Millenium Concert Band.