Crowdfund Crawley

Crowdfunding is about to land in Crawley giving local people a platform to raise funds for community projects and make a difference to their town.

It’s often a misconception that Crowdfunding is a new idea; in fact the Statue of Liberty is an early example of this approach. Back in 1885, thousands of New Yorkers clubbed together to fund the plinth upon which the statue would stand for centuries.

Crawley Borough Council has teamed up with Spacehive for a modern take on this well-established practice by providing a dedicated online home for Crawley Community Projects looking to raise funds. Crawley’s Spacehive platform will enable organisations to raise awareness and support for their project, also giving them the opportunity to unlock grants and other funds.

Organisations such as the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and West Sussex County Council are also using the site to distribute their funding programmes. This means project organisers will be pointed in the direction of potential additional funding which could help boost their coffers.

Crawley Council will be using money collected from developers to create the Neighbourhood Improvement Fund. Community organisations with crowdfund project ideas can access the Neighbourhood Improvement Fund and be considered for a pledge, provided their idea benefits the residents of Crawley by improving the local environment, community services or facilities which are sometimes affected by development.

The Crowdfund Crawley movement site will be available towards the end of May, with the official launch in June - so start planning your projects now, all you need is a great idea!

For inspiration visit:

Please click here for Frequently Asked Questions about crowdfunding